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of the crisis the state believes that government spending should be cut taxes reduced in the conditions for medium size businesses improved according to some studies do for today piece multiple posts in and busted me is that the wheat with a beak that the national identity of benjamin's more than one hundred thousand gbp it so we have to be made that debbie who because of my duty if indignation we have to be among sixty per cent nickel alfonso is remembered from congo. several years ago he moved from france but cannot find a job and went to brussels. there he was lucky he is now an employee of the european parliament actual service. yep it's the pizza. it took me much time to find a job i have a family and i need to feed them. governments need to be able to manage the crisis well. this painting won't see the overall income the crisis will intensify. it was a challenge for me new peanut countries including belgium ah we going to be a bit to recall for and accepted that the leaven of golf team mom and two monty percent oh i'll be going to continue full many years seen a that he should st
' work experience. so it's just the first step to getting on the ladder. this is what typical anti tax payments titanic. when you've got to find a job aforementioned doesn't cause all of what the company filed but toughness and now. melbourne cbd fun so i had to stop again. still some way to go for the job says the plant until a man on the throne next week. she may cause the fourteen years nineteen ten. silent recruits working to come back through isolation has called on governments to end the economic policy of closing rural country stations and post offices. ha its compound in virtual isolation of older people in rural areas. rage active center six minute break in county clare formally opened today providing a day care service for vulnerable and auschwitz hundred people in the surrounding villages that can moderate the kitchen and craft show. people like sixty eight rolled the dough to the maxwell who lives alone and says the service was bad he needed to have her and other older people not feel isolated seconds left on its own line of him. i don't need to be coming here to be on hand
no program with one general question is not some bucks to a tax haven and most things change. what is your view on this. those things must change. you know that christ is where we need money to reinvest to create jobs for four young people in europe. we cannot sustain least one scholars and billion of tax evasion. since it's not the only nuts and bolts of luxembourg has also plates to be coatings is tax evasion. we soon you'll go home and the greens also pop in the reader at the mall opened knowledge to provide built in ftp changes information when it comes to clients of the bangs. we read that the open two to agree to a two assists as the text are active. where will only be a senior this savings to the text bubbles most sophisticated financial products and phoebe also move on the taxation of multinationals a single stream in luxembourg everybody understands that you use an open book so i spent the seven though such that the sound effects and it's a multinational who sells also meets debts to pay to eat eyeballs feel to it that says he's a lawyer competition and so we need to text multinat
that is completely trumped up in terms of its pre tax. it's really a nineteenth century behavior in the twenty first century you just don't invade another country on phony pre tax. in order to assert your interests global whatever way is there a ways to deal with this. and and a president knows that his own sons in the schools. recently the us including awesome preparations for the g eight summit to be held in the russian city of saatchi in june. british foreign secretary william payne coupon sites to avoid conflict lainey take ukraine sovereignty. reports this moment of escalating tension i think russia will see increasingly over the coming days the very strong bones the us around the world by many many nations. and i hope that that direct communication between the two countries will do is take place. p and tory ministers to hold emergency talks and to all schools on monday amongst the well being is that the calling up the president on inefficient is that the judgment also angle on local hero stood to president region the day on today and expressed views on what she called russia's unacceptable int
already able to put in a riot especially to a bit taxing them will be open to the weather outside any real intention to take action in the heat and ukraine the event that the ukraine new government to think that the farther than that the couple to have taken place in egypt and the key to the work for or provoke a target that by moscow the russian speaking population in the heat it up with ukraine. the majority of them according to the kitchen to cut the hope that in kiev the majority of the russian speaking ukrainian to know what. intervention from russia they did not invite the russian port and the people putting up russian type of administrative building in the heat of the russian and local people he kidnapped about to do that by the russians that the mind that the current ukrainian government is taking. can't stand those images that we were just seen at the sinhalese images shot by a team that some of which are located some twenty five km out to the side of a sudden fair call. the release of russian commandos that surrounding essentially a ukrainian military bases that the latest image
the wall for school this age has not been done he can send all of the wood to raise taxes not to be a killer for us to generate ongoing two in first the argument for rent by the end of december two thousand found in abundance or until filling up. people it's a bull in a way with the economic growth that we can produce movies that economic growth among which a stool point three when the new one point five to bring down when rates to people beyond belief all totaled at the time before so we don't believe the government's now lot of businesses is actually pretty popular here in tulsa steam tear in a set that money made by this somebody that he would make a good prime minister following the eu makes the chc"teau of people think of for us to make us high cuisine makes these can often compared to some pissy because he's well he's the minister of seeing an interior minister. he's also pretty tough on home anything that senate immigration for example. as silly he's also pulp mill within the deeds of the people didn't vote for a spot on that so that will be a smart move but i eat w
folks paying tax. any film that since the release him and that i maybe a dozen succumbing to the exhibition is on the hit in pans on your way. unschooling on the day highs on to our meetings and school prestigious kennedy had his impact. i'm not that it's in tactical an architect of many no man's land she couldn't take it back down deep into the team is in a tank. noise in the archives of the snowflakes has notes on bill films. the building blocks of your life so to speak. erm i was homeless. i was supposed to follow the footsteps of who my father was the cause of good this includes those who sew for my country. it was when i was twenty three a was sent to war. due to a pupil war and i've been coming back from his florida for the book which is a bit smaller. i do not grease to spend my time designing game will be assumed to be constantly. i decided to do to make them so to put his phone on him to the brioche for a pumpkin curry. he's the spitting image is the official during the war for those. and some muscle group that counts. in just an anti theft. if you haven't had tim
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7